Terms and conditions when booking and paying for a camping pitch at Ljuvadal Camping & Experiences

These conditions apply between Ljuvadal Camping & Experiences and the person who himself or through another person books/pays for a camping site at Ljuvadal.

The orderer/payer is stated as "Customer" in the terms and conditions. The supplier is stated as "Ljuvadal Camping & Experiences", "We" or "LCU".

The booking/payment applies to the rental of a camping pitch at Ljuvadal Camping & Experiences.
Customers/guests at LCU are obliged to follow Ljuvadal Camping & Experiences´s Regulations.
The organizational rules can be found in their entirety at ljuvadal.se/ordningsregler.

Customers/guests who do not comply with these regulations have Camping & Experiences´s staff the right to reject from the Ljuvadal area.

Booking and payment for private individuals

To book and pay for a camping site on the website boka.ljuvadal.se, the customer must be at least 18 years old. To be able to complete the payment of the fee, a bank card or Swish and BankId or equivalent are required. Payment is made directly, also when booking.

Reservation of a camping pitch

The price includes the rental of the camping pitch, booking fee and, optionally, connection (including consumption) of electricity (10 ampere).

All places are booked from 12.00 to 12.00.

Our camping pitches vary in size. It is your responsibility as the customer to ensure that the site is large enough for your vehicle. Specified site dimensions include safety distances of up to 4 meters to the neighbour.

Payment/Booking confirmation

On receipt of the booking confirmation, this must be checked, so that all information is correct. It is the customer´s responsibility to ensure that the information on the booking confirmation is correct. Booking confirmation is sent via e-mail and as a text message (SMS). In the event of an error, Ljuvadal Camping & Experiences must be contacted within 7 days of receiving the confirmation, but no later than 24 hours before arrival.

All prices are in SEK and include VAT.

Cancellation of booked place

Cancellation can only be done online via boka.ljuvadal.se.The booking fee is not refunded in case of cancellation.

Cancellation < 48 hours before the booking starts is not refunded.

Liability for property/causing damage

The customer takes care of the protection the customer considers necessary, such as liability, vehicle, accident and luggage insurance.

Ljuvadal Camping & Experiences is not responsible for damage or loss caused by third parties, nor for things left behind.

Other obligations and rules of procedure

The customer undertakes to take good care of the rental object and the facility, to follow the rules of order, instructions and regulations that apply, and to ensure that fellow travelers/own visitors do the same.

Note in particular:

Complete rules of procedure are available at ljuvadal.se/ordningsregler.

The use of personal data

By using this website, you also accept Ljuvadal Camping & Experiences and Hamnsystem Sverige ABs Data Policy.

Ljuvadal Camping & Experiences reserves the right to send information and marketing via e-mail or SMS on special occasions.

Breach of contract

This is an agreement drawn up between the customer (orderer) and Ljuvadal Camping & Experiences.
The agreement ceases to apply with immediate effect if:

If a breach of contract occurs, the customer/guests in the party must immediately move from the campsite. In the event of destruction or disruptive behaviour, Ljuvadal Camping & Experiences can claim damages from the customer.


Contact us with any complaints. Keep in mind that your chances of getting rectified may be reduced if you delay in making a complaint. If we cannot agree, you can get help from ARN - Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden.

Force majeure

In the event of war, natural disasters, strikes, pandemics and other events that can be regarded as force majeure, Ljuvadal Camping & Upplevelser can cancel the agreement, whereby the customer and guests must be notified as soon as possible. In such cases, LCU is obliged to repay the amount paid, with the exception of the benefit that has been derived from the location.

Ljuvadal Camping and Experiences
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